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If you are looking for large stencils, wall stencils, or decorative stencils but don't need a custom design...Look no further!

iStencils has the most comprehensive and diverse decorative stencil catalog available! Every iStencils stencil is masterfully cut by us, at, using the same high-quality materials & laser cutting precision.

  • - Stencils starting at just $4.99!
  • - Variety of sizes from 5x5” up to 36x36”
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Decorative stencils, craft stencils, wall stencils, small or large stencils you will find what you are looking for.

Because istencils has teamed up with Stencils Online, every stencil in their catalog can be laser cut to custom sizes!

The istencils catalog contains thousands of detailed stencils to choose from and each one can be custom cut in almost any size.

Ordering a custom size istencils stencil is easy!

Email us: or Contact Us and let  us know what design &  size you would like.

We will quickly get back to you via email with price and specific dimensions. Once you place an order your stencil will be laser cut on premium mylar stencil material and your order will ship within 3 days.


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