Custom Stenciled Birthday Calendar

Custom Stenciled Birthday Calendar

stenciled birthday calendar Searching for a gift that’s handmade, out of the ordinary and customizable? Or maybe you love to craft and are looking for a new project. You can create this charming birthday calendar quickly and effortlessly using a custom stencil from Stencils Online. It’s easy…read on for the how-to!  
Custom designed stencil-
24”x10” wood plank
Wood stain Wooden craft  circles
Acrylic paint Jump rings
¾” screw eyes (qty 12) Black sharpie marker
1” foam roller OR ¾” stencil brush

Pierce tool ( or something hard & sharp)

stencil designer custom stencil              
PREP: Create and order your stencil on our custom stencil designer.  If needed sand your wood. Pierce or drill holes in wood craft circles. STEP 1- Apply the wood stain to your wood plank and craft circles using a paint brush or rag. (Follow directions listed on wood stain container for drying time and removal.)     staining stenciled project   STEP 2- After ensuring the stain is dry, use painters tape to adhere stencil with the cut out “FAMILY” onto the wood board. Load paint on to your brush/ roller and paint the “FAMILY” (use painters tape to block out any words you do not want stenciled.)  Remember when stenciling do not overload your brush or roller with paint. After you load the paint onto your roller/brush, wipe it on a paper towel to remove excess paint. Do this every time you add more paint to your brush, this will prevent paint from seeping under the stencil and will ensure you a crisp clean look.  You can go back over the stencil with more paint to get the desired shade. For this project, 2 coats of paint were applied.     STEP 3- Following same steps as above line up the months with the bottom of the board and paint At this point give the paint a lil extra time to dry. Move onto marking and screwing in the screw eyes. STEP 4 – Make a mark in the middle of each month to where you will place the screw eyes. To make it easier to screw them in use a pierce tool (or anything sharp & hard) and make starter hole. This will make it easy to tighten them by hand.     STEP 5 – Now that the paint on “FAMILY” is dry you can line up the “birthdays” over it, tape it down and stencil away. When painting a lighter color over a darker color you’ll need few more coats of the lighter color. Remember not to overload with paint, just wait a few minutes between each coat to ensure you get a crisp result.   You can go back and paint in the “bridged” areas for a completed look or leave as is.   Now all you have to do is add your family names and the day of their birthday to each circle using a sharpie marker or paint pen. To connect the wooden circles to the screw eyes use 3 jump rings to prevent the circles from twirling. You could also use 1 large jump ring, ribbon or even wire. Attach a saw tooth picture hanger to the back and your project is complete.   That’s all there is to it! Your custom stencil is reusable so create one for every special person in your life. stenciled birthday calendar complete   WE WOULD LOVE TO SEE PICTURES OF YOUR FINISHED PROJECT TOO. EMAIL THEM TO US![email protected] QUESTIONS OR COMMENTS? COMMENT BELOW OR EMAIL US!

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