Frequently Asked Questions

From our small beginnings, we had an idea to offer a service to provide custom stencils to individuals, decorators and businesses. When we started, we had no idea that the service we would provide would be as greatly accepted as it is. We are proud to be the largest US manufacturer of laser cut custom stencils. Being the humble leader in this small niche allows us to offer many things to our customers. We have the experience to cut stencils. Our programmers exclusively program stencils and our lasers are all custom designed and manufactured to cut stencils. We know stencils! This is all we do. We know the best materials to use, we know the best techniques to use, and, because of our volume, we have the best prices.   Our growing list of satisfied customers is our pride and we hope that we can prove ourselves to you.
We always provide a PDF proof via email before your stencil is cut. This proof is normally a reduced size and the actual stencil measurements are displayed at the bottom of the proof. You can make as many reasonable changes as you wish to the proof before we cut your stencil. We do not provide proofs unless we have a confirmed order, which includes your payment information.  
If you have placed your order through our Custom Stencil Designer, you will not receive a proof from the designers.