Polyester film (mylar) is a perfect material for stencils! Advantages of our high-quality polyester film include:

-Solvent proof

-Durable & tear resistant

-Provides a crisp, clean edge

-Lays flat but can be rolled for shipping and storage

7.5 Mil

Size 1 (ea.) 6 (ea.) 12 (ea.)
12"x12" $2.80 $2.52 $2.27
24"x18" $4.40 $3.96 $3.56
36"x24" $6.80 $6.12 $5.51
36"x48" $11.60 $10.44 $9.40
48"x48" $14.80 $13.32 $11.99
48"x96" $27.60 $24.84 $22.36

10 Mil

Size 1 (ea.) 6 (ea.) 12 (ea.)
12"x12" $3.16 $2.84 $2.56
24"x18" $5.48 $4.93 $4.44
36"x24" $8.96 $8.06 $7.26
36"x48" $15.92 $14.33 $12.90
48"x48" $20.56 $18.50 $16.65
48"x96" $39.12 $35.21 $31.69

14 Mil

Size 1 (ea.) 6 (ea.) 12 (ea.)
12"x12" $3.49 $3.14 $2.83
24"x18" $6.47 $5.82 $5.24
36"x24" $10.94 $9.85 $8.86
36"x48" $19.88 $17.89 $16.10
48"x48" $25.84 $23.26 $20.93
48"x96" $49.68 $44.71 $40.24


7.5 mil stencil material: 
This material is as thick as card stock and can achieve the most amount of detail.  Quality decorating stencils are typically made with this premium material.  We recommend this material for decorative and lettering stencils.
10 mil stencil material:
This material is as thick as a credit card and it is recommended for industrial lettering and logo stencils.
14 mil stencil material: 

The 14 mil stencil material is extremely durable and is recommended for stencils that are used daily in a commercial environment. This material is very difficult to cut by hand.


- Stencils Online can laser cut custom stencils with amazing detail.  If you prefer to cut your own custom stencil, use these tips:

  • Print or draw your stencil pattern on paper using dark ink.
  • Place the stencil material over the print and trace an outline of what to cut out.  Use a fine-tip Sharpie for this. You may wish to use a light box or hold the paper and stencil material against a window.
  • Use a very hard and flat surface like a piece of glass. (note: this will scratch the glass or other surface) You will also need an x-acto knife and a new blade.
  • Hold the knife like you are holding a pen and cut along the pattern you have traced on the stencil material.
  • Change blades frequently and do not apply a lot of pressure to the knife as you are cutting
  • Alternative method: You can use an electric stencil burner instead of an x-acto knife.  The stencil burner, however, may leave a melted ridge on the stencil.  This may sacrifice some quality of your finish painted product.