10 Ways You Would Never Expect to Use Stencils

In the not too distant past, when people thought of stenciling, most thought of painting designs on a kitchen or bathroom wall. During the past 20 years, people with artistic bents began to apply stencils designs to a variety of items including furniture, clothing, shoes, wedding cakes, holiday decorations and various types of signs. Stenciling has evolved and has become an interesting art form and has been used in a multitude of ways you’d never expect! (more…)

Storm Drain Stencils: Only Rain Down the Drain

storm drain stencils

Everyone has seen roadside storm drains, but you may not know their true function. These channels ensure that populated areas don’t flood after significant rain, ice or snow storms. By diverting excess liquid into natural bodies of water, like streams and rivers, storm drains keep roads, building foundations, and your feet relatively dry. Serious problems arise, however, when people misuse them. (more…)

Christmas Countdown Canvas Art

stenciled christmas canvas

Santa has been checking in on all of us here at Stencils Online and it looks like we will all be on the Nice list this year! There are only a few weeks left to prove that you deserve to be on the Nice list as well! Count down the days to Christmas with this crafty decoration.

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