Most of our materials for custom stencils are polyester film (mylar). We have laser cut many different stencil materials to find the perfect product for stenciling and we find that the polyester film works the best because it's:

  • Flexible
  • Solvent proof
  • Strong
  • It won't break like thicker materials

The most commonly used stencil materials:

7.5 mil - A medium weight stencil material as thick as card stock. It's thin enough to achieve outstanding detail when stenciling, yet strong enough to clean and use many many times. All of our pre-made alphabet stencils and all of our decorative lettering stencils are made from this material, unless otherwise requested.

10 mil - This is the standard material used for our industrial stencils. It is tear-resistant yet flexible. It can be cleaned easily to provide a very long life. Customers who buy this material are stenciling on shipping crates, tool/equipment marking, floors/parking areas, and many other industrial applications.

14 mil- This is the thickest of our polyester stencil materials and it is truly a durable stencil. The 14 mil polyester holds many strength advantages over any other plastic materials we have ever used.


We DO NOT sell adhesive-backed stencils.

Adhesive-backed stencils are limited in the number of times you can use them.  We have found that stencil adhesive or repositionable spray adhesive (available at craft stores)  is perfect to use with our stencils because it can be completely removed from the stencil, allowing you to use it more than once.

We DO NOT sell  magnetic or metal  stencils.

Looking to buy stencil material? See our Blank Stencil Material page for more information and pricing.