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Stencils Online Carries a Variety of Storm Drain Stencils

Storm drain stencils are a crucial tool for improving environmental protections and increasing community awareness. According to the EPA, labeling storm drains, " . . . can raise awareness about the connection between storm drains and receiving waters and can help to deter littering, excess fertilizer use, dumping, and other practices that contribute to stormwater pollution."


What are storm drain stencils?

Storm drain stencils are used to mark areas on or near storm drains so as to prevent pollution and urban runoff. A common myth is that the water, materials and other liquids that flow down storm drains ultimately travel to sewers or wastewater treatment centers. This is false. The reality is that storm drains often lead directly to bodies of water. The usage of storm drain stencils informs communities and is incredibly helpful in deterring motor oil, fertilizers and other polluting elements from damaging bodies of water.


What are our storm drain stencils made from?

Stencils Online's storm drain stencils are made from 10 mil plastic mylar, which is remarkably durable, flexible and long lasting. Our stencils are solvent-resistant, so they can be washed and reused many, many times for a long lifetime. We have harnessed our decades of experience and mastery to determine that 10 mil mylar is the absolute best type of material for storm drain stencils.    




material size 18" x 12"

material size 30" x 18"

material size 48" x 24"

image size (incl. text) 14" x 8"

image size (incl. text) 24" x 14"

image size (incl. text) 40" x 18"

text size 1.5"

text size 2.5"

text size 4"


Who can use storm drain stencils?

A common misunderstanding is that labeling storm drains is mostly in the hands of local and city governments. The truth is that many cities and towns are actively seeking volunteers to help label storm drains in order to protect their local environment. If you have an interest in improving your neighborhood through labeling storm drains, please contact your local government officials to square away the details, and then come to Stencils Online for excellent, high quality stencils!


Create your own custom stencil by using our Online Designer.


Visit the US Environmental Protection Ageny (EPA) to learn more.