10 Great Stencil Activities for Learning the Alphabet

10 Great Stencil Activities for Learning the Alphabet-main-StencilsOnline

Let’s face it: alphabet worksheets and digital games are great, but children need a variety of tangible, educational games to instill a love for education and build necessary motor skills.  If you have a young learner in your life, you already understand the importance of games and physical activities.

To add to your classroom and family fun, check out some stencil-based tips and activities!


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Use a stencil to trace letters of various textured materials like felt, faux fur, sandpaper, and sequined fabric. Adhere them to cardstock or thin wooden sheets. As you make your way through the alphabet, kinesthetic learners will have the opportunity to trace the letters on interactive surfaces, using their index fingers.


Not only is Alphabet Twister a fun game for a small group of kids to learn their letters, but it helps to reinforce directions and parts of the body. If you’ve got an old Twister game lying in the back of a closet, why not stencil on some letters and create a hilarious and challenging revamp of the classic game?

Feel free to bring it out for a party and watch even the oldest of players buckle over with laughter.


With cheap cleaning sponges, large letter stencils and a pair of scissors, you can create some memorable and educational during bath time with letter sponges. Even better, when sponges are wet, they stick to tile and porcelain, creating a kind of ‘blackboard.’ From learning letters to short words, kids will love the tactile letters during tub time.

If you use stencil designs, you’ll not only keep the letters uniform sizes, but can reuse them for other water-friendly art projects involving washable paint. You also avoid unnecessary waste by planning out your letters with stencils before cutting.


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In the classroom, give each young learner a stenciled letter on a card. As you play the Alphabet Song, the students are given free reign to dance and run around. When the music stops, they must immediately get into a line in the correct alphabetical order. After everyone assembles, have them sing the Alphabet Song and hold up their card when it’s their ‘turn’.


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Using cardboard or some old carpet, trace and cut the letters of the alphabet. Be sure to attach  non-skid tape to the back of each, to avoid spills or tumbles.  Next, place these letters around the room or classroom. Call out a letter and have the child run to it as quickly as possible. This activity works great in teams, too. It’s easy for kids to get carried away, so be careful of pushing!


Randomly place your cardboard or carpet letters in a circle, and have the child or children begin marching along the outside. Just like musical chairs, be sure to play a happy, upbeat song. Wherever the child stops, they have to correctly identify and shout out the letter.


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This activity is as adorable as it is interactive. Trace and cut out uppercase and lowercase letters, laminating them if you’d like. Using your best monster voice, call out a specific letter that the monster is hungry for. Not only can this game be played with a single child or a whole classroom, but there are so many ways to play! The minimal prep time is well worth it.


This has to be the sweetest way to use alphabet stencils, and children (and adults) of all ages can participate! If you’re stuck inside for an afternoon, why not decorate some cupcakes or cookies?  Position your stencil design over the center of the pastry, and sprinkle jimmies, dyed coconut, or colored granulated sugar to fill the space. Or try inverting the stencil and decorating outside the lines.

Whatever you choose, you can spell out whole words or phrases for a themed party or holiday. This activity will have learners of all levels participating.


For more advanced children with scissor skills, have them trace the letters of their name with the help of alphabet stencils to create name garlands. Cut them out and punch a hole at the top of each letter.  Next, string the stenciled letters together to create a garland each child can hang in their room. They can even decorate each letter with glitter, sequins or paint to personalize it.

It’s a great family activity, as even adults can get involved with creating holiday banners or themed garlands for special events!

Are there any alphabet activities that you and your children would love? Order your alphabet stencils and start learning today!

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