10 Ways You Would Never Expect to Use Stencils

In the not too distant past, when people thought of stenciling, most thought of painting designs on a kitchen or bathroom wall. During the past 20 years, people with artistic bents began to apply stencils designs to a variety of items including furniture, clothing, shoes, wedding cakes, holiday decorations and various types of signs. Stenciling has evolved and has become an interesting art form and has been used in a multitude of ways you’d never expect!

1. Stenciled Floors Offer an Entirely New Perspective

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If you are thinking about remodeling your house, save a bundle of money when you stencil your floors. Friends and family are sure to find your artwork impressive. Use decorative stencils on tile, maple, cherry or pine floors. You can also use stencil art to decorate the concrete floor on your patio or in your garage.

2. Design Stylish Rugs

custom-stenciled-logo-rugInstead of paying money to an interior designer, enhance your living room with custom rugs. Use a stencil combined with fabric paint to transform ordinary rugs into works of art. Don’t  throw out your old rugs, use stencils to bring them back to life. You can also use a custom stencil to create an inviting and attractive welcome mat for your store or office. Customers will love the look of your workplace when they see custom mats made with stencils.

3. Etch Mirrors into Art


Look for antique mirrors at garage sales and yard sales. Start a new stenciling project when you use etching cream and stencils to change old mirrors into art masterpieces. You can even sell your mirrors as art pieces online or your local craft fair.

4. Stencils Introduce Boldness into Your Cosmetic Bag

bad-ass-stencils-HASIf you are tired of spending valuable time trying to attain perfect eyebrows, use eyebrow stencils to enhance the look of your eyebrows and eyes. Stencils can also help invent new designs for your eye shadow. Your friends will admire the new look. In fact, they will probably want to know how they can create their own customized eyebrows. Set a new trend when you use stencils to accentuate your face and compliment your wardrobe.

5. Make your Game Boards More Personal

game-board-custom-stencilIf you love playing a favorite board game with your spouse and children, you can create a brand-new tradition using stencils to personalize your game. Create game pieces boasting each participant’s name using convenient alphabet stencils. Every participant will enjoy having personalized game pieces. You can even create your own special board game with stencils. Perhaps your unique board game will become a family heirloom or a coveted antique.

6. Stenciling as a Form of Body Art

WBF-body-paintingThe World Bodypainting Festival held in Austria has attracted participants and visitors for the past two decades. Featuring a body circus and live music, the festival proclaims body art as a bold and artistic way to express creativity. Stencils have become an important tool for body-painting artist of all genres in creating their masterpieces.

7. Stenciling onto Food

cookie stencils

Stencil names onto pies, cookies, and cakes when you have guests for the holidays. Instead of doling out a small fortune to a wedding cake designer, consider the option of designing a cake expressing your innermost sentiments. The only limitation in using stencils is your own imagination. Stretch your creative ideas to the limit. Celebrate stencil art as a simple and fun way to feed the world your artistic nature.

8. Make Your Wedding Reception an Unforgettable Experience

Use stencils to create beautiful tablecloths and napkins. Your guests will appreciate the stenciled signs boasting their names on seats and in front of their table settings. Serve your wedding guests with a new sense of fashion flare.

9. Stencils Used on Cell Phone Cases

When thinking about buying a new cover for your cell phone, you need to consider several different things including the fit and design. You need to decide whether the pattern is a good match that expresses your personality and unique characteristics. You may find the perfect cell phone case only to find out that it is not the right case for your particular model. Design a custom case when you learn how to use stencils.

10. Custom Shoes and Clothing with Stencils.

stenciled shoes

Use a dot pattern stencil to transform an old pair of sneakers into shoes that match your outfit. Stencil your name on the tops of your shoes and on your shorts. Go to your yoga class in style wearing yoga pants featuring your own stencil design.

If you are excited about the idea of using stencils, you can create your own custom stencil with ease using our custom stencil designer.

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