5 Great Ways to Use Lettering Stencils in Your Kitchen

stenciled kitchen containers

The kitchen can be a messy and hectic place, but it’s also where the family comes together.  Staying organized really helps our household work and keep us on track. Labeling items in our kitchen (with tools like alphabet stencils) makes it easier for partners and kids to find what they need and put things back in the right place. Rather than shovel pocketfuls of money into re-decorating, you can use these five simple stencil ideas that will be sure to get your kitchen running in top-top shape!


Using sticky notes to mark containers is undependable, as they can be removed easily or fall off inadvertently. What better way to stop someone from stealing your food than by stenciling your name directly onto your containers? Using lettering stencils is a creative way to politely say “this is mine”, or “do not eat this”. Want to make sure you get that pie plate or platter back? There won’t be any questioning of whose it is with your name clearly stenciled on it. You can customize your Tupperware, pie plates, platters and more to fit your needs and personality with a variety of fonts.

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Give your kitchen pantry a makeover. Clean up your cluttered pantry in a breeze by getting rid of brand labels and replacing them with beautifully stenciled labels instead.  Alleviate your fears of mistaking salt for granulated sugar by labeling your food containers with letter stencils. You can reduce clutter by combining the myriad of flour and sugar bags (that we all know too well) into a single, clean container, with a clear, dated food label on the front. With a clearly marked trash container there’ll be no second guessing between the trash and recyclables.


Organizing with stencils doesn’t just stop at food labeling: use them to label your kitchen tools. No more wasted minutes spent looking for your favorite spatula! Find it in the drawer with a delightful label. Keep your kitchen space tidy and all of your measuring cups at your fingertips using lettering stencils and hooks. Effortlessly designate labeled spaces for each utensil. For added convenience, add a stenciled conversion chart in the same space for quick reference.

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Alphabet stencils aren’t just for managerial purposes. You can also use them to adorn your kitchen walls and doors. Create adorable ways to showcase your family pride by stenciling your initials on pantry doors. Use stencils to add an ornate schedule section on your wall, or an organized place for a grocery list. If you’re feeling extra artsy, you can even create awesome patterned walls or intricate pieces of art. Before you know it, your entire kitchen will be radiating an essence of ‘you’.

stenciled kitchen


If you’re having trouble keeping up with the individual needs of your family members, you can get back on track by using lettering stencils. Designate an area in your kitchen, preferably one that you are known to look at or visit every morning. You can stencil on multiple variations of surfaces, including chalkboards, cork boards, and whiteboards. With a little creativity and stencils, you can create a structured family command center that will stand the test of time.


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