Personalize Your Living Space With These Great DIY Stencil Projects

Do you have blank walls, curtains, or floors that are begging for an update? Why shell out for expensive patterned curtains or wallpaper when you can personalize them yourself? A handy stencil, some stencil paint, and a blank canvas can make for a great and satisfying weekend project, all without breaking the bank. There are a plethora of DIY stencil project ideas floating around the internet, but we’ve narrowed it down to some budget-friendly projects that can inspire and seriously upgrade your living space. IT’S CURTAINS FOR YOU The addition of curtains can bring warmth, length, and privacy to a room. But finding the right ones can certainly present a challenge. Maybe you already have curtains that are looking a little lackluster. Maybe you’ve had some IKEA drapes since college, and they need some ‘adulting’.  Whatever the case, you can spruce them up with a fresh coat of paint and a custom stencil!
If you’re going for a simple look, these striped curtains are easy to prep, with the help of painters’ tape. The author went with one layer of paint, which really works with the sheer window treatments, and adds a softness to the room. Vertical blinds and roller blinds are certainly underserviced in the craft department. Why not create something gorgeous and unexpected? Pull down the blinds and enjoy a pattern or a burst of color! Shower curtains are also fair game to redecorate, and HGTV has a great instructional guide to making them super spiffy. Why not decorate yours the same as your curtains? Not only will you save money on stencils, but you’ll have continuity throughout your place! FLOOR YOUR GUESTS Anyone who’s painted ceilings knows that getting paint on a floor is a total nightmare, but believe us: with the right custom stencils and organization, your vinyl or linoleum floor can go from drab to fab in no time! One stencil user copied a gorgeous geometric, tile-inspired print across her plain unattractive, bathroom floor. She couldn’t be happier or prouder, and it’s not hard to see why: it’s gorgeous, durable, and power tool-free! Though it’s undoubtedly a time-consuming DIY task to take on, it’s a budget-friendly alternative to laying down tile. If you’re looking to liven up your porch or patio, why not make it as cheerful and inviting as this one? Though the DIYer’s freehand stencils are lovely, most of us aren’t perfect with a paintbrush. A custom design stencil with a geometric, floral, or exotic print would be a great addition to summer barbecues and porch swings! If you’ve got some beaten and battered spots on your wood flooring (but don’t have the funds to redo them), consider covering them with a cute stencil template like this. Paint a ‘welcome’ mat or carpet-like pattern to add cheer to a room and disguise discoloration.
UP THE WALL Creating a focal or feature wall is a great way to add subtle detail and depth to any room. You can use accent colors found throughout your home to complement, a pop of unexpected color to draw the eye, or a gloss to add texture. A professional-looking stencil job can elevate your living space with just an afternoon of work and minimal resources. Though wallpaper is making a strong comeback in the décor world, it’s tricky to put up, a hassle to take down, and isn’t a great option for those on a budget. Paint is easy to cover, and a great option if you need to get your deposit back! Consider painting a headboard where one is absent. You can go with a traditional-looking silhouette, or try a hanging wall panel, which is perfect for the person that doesn’t necessarily want a headboard or a full patterned wall.
GET A STEP UP ON THE COMPETITION We can’t imagine trying to paint stair risers by hand, because, you know, gravity exists.  With these projects, stencils save time and frustration. Details like these show guests that you take pride in each and every element of your home. Small pops of color in unexpected places can lighten your home, and stairs are no exception. In fact, these subtle changes can warm up an otherwise empty space, and draw eyes upwards. If you’re like us, we love keeping inspirational phrases in unexpected places for a quick pick-me up. Why not stencil some encouragement on your steps like you see on this beautiful staircase? We think that the numbered stairs trend is fun and cool, especially with young learners in the house. You can use number stencils for each step like this staircase, or go with alphabet stencils Are there any home stencil projects that you’ve been itching to work on? Check out our wide range of customizable and decorative stencils!


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