Why Should Your Business Use Pavement Chalk Advertising?

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Since Jay Conrad coined the term in 1984, ‘guerrilla marketing’ has been an enormously popular way for businesses to advertise their products and services in unconventional ways. Rather than permanently displaying graffiti art, however, there are excellent temporary advertising techniques like sidewalk advertising that have become remarkably popular in recent years.


Utilizing stencils to transfer your logo or message onto pavement or cement has never been easier or more eye-catching. Popular techniques include using power-washing tools, temporary spray paints, or vibrant chalk paint.  It’s a colorful and creative way to get your message out there without being stuck with a permanent option, and it’s flexible enough to be reused year after year.

Let’s take a minute to consider the plight of a small café owner.  She’s noticed that her company doesn’t do as much business in the afternoons as it does in the mornings.  She wants to increase traffic during the slower hours and differentiate herself from the big-brand coffee shops that have a seemingly unlimited marketing budget.  Her tactic? Advertising literally under the consumer’s nose with pavement advertising.


Stencil chalk ads are a quick and easy way to enhance your business, and will help bring in more customers with little-to-no maintenance.  It’s a low-cost, low-risk way of kicking off any advertising campaign.  It’s also an eco-friendly, non-slip, offline option that can last up to a month.  Plus, with this brand of pavement chalk advertising, you can reuse your stencil should you ever renew the campaign.


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Here you can see an example of a stencil advertising project from one of our customers.

They began the process by submitting a custom stencil quote request on our website, and our awesome graphic designers worked with them to create images that were both stencil-ready and fit the need of their project  The stencil was cut and shipped in no time!

If you have a deadline, no problem: our team works with you to get you your products quickly and efficiently.

Our stencils are cut from mylar, a durable and flexible plastic. It can be reused and is easily transported, so whether you’re using this stencil on sidewalks, around your business or at festivals, it can easily be rolled up and moved to your desired location. With this type of advertising, you won’t feel confined to one space or platform. The possibilities are endless!



Looking to hold a fundraiser? Are you trying to raise awareness for a great cause? Try using a stencil in a high-traffic area to get the word out. By using chalk with these stencils, getting the word out is efficient ad eco-friendly, as it doesn’t damage property. After the event is done, all you need to do is douse the area with some water and watch the design disappear.

To begin a stencil advertising project for your company, you may want to check about necessary permits from your local city council.  From there (with a little help from your friends at Stencils Online), you’ll be making a difference or growing your business in no time.

Take a look at our client projects to get inspired for your next advertising project!

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