Custom Stencil Halloween Pallet Sign

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Decorate your home with this hauntingly adorable pallet-wood sign! With a little help from your friends at Stencils Online, you have the ability to turn grungy old shipping pallets into wonderful works of art!

We started by searching for fun and spooky quotes that would fit within an 18” x 18” space. Next, we browsed through several font choices on the internet, and picked the best ones to use for our project. We then began to create our very own custom stencil, which you can also achieve by requesting for a custom stencil design quote on our website:

While we were designing this spooky custom stencil, our handiest Stencils Online team member cut down two pieces of wood, which were taken from a broken pallet in our warehouse. We decided keep the wood as is, and not stain them, as we wanted to preserve the nice rustic charm. We then used wood dowels, and a little bit of wood glue, to attach the pallet boards in place. Then, voila; we have a nice surface to begin stenciling!

stencil pallet decorNext, we picked out the colors we felt would bring our ghostly design to life, and began setting up our area. When stenciling onto any surface (rough or smooth), we recommend using stencil brushes and using a dry brush technique. This is the best way to accomplish a clean image transfer and prevent any bleeding of paint underneath the stencil. We offer helpful tips & tricks on our website, to guide you through the steps of successful stenciling.

custom stencil


Using recycled material, along with our custom stencils, makes for a quick and easy way to get ready for this Halloween. This project took about 30 minutes to finish, and took next to nothing to create. If you ask me – the results are chillingly good! Keep checking our blog for more creative ways to use our stencils for dressing up your home!

custom stencil




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